Renson Sense


Renson Sense


The Sense monitors the CO2content in the indoor air of the room. The device visually indicates when the air quality is poor and when action needs to be taken. Blue means good indoor air quality, orange means that it leaves something to be desired and red means unhealthy indoor air.

But the Renson Sense is much more than a classic CO2meter. The device also monitors moisture, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as odors, noise, temperature and light.

Gain insight into your indoor air quality

Why buy a Sense for your home


Improve the health, productivity and comfort in your home.


Gain insight into structural problems of your home and take targeted action to guarantee the indoor air quality in the long term.


Intelligent, clean design that fits perfectly into any interior.

Measure the invisible

Sense includes six smart and advanced sensors that monitor indoor air quality for you. The sensors continuously measure the most important factors that influence your health, comfort, and productivity.

Relative humidity

Comfort Index: unique Renson calculation

The RENSON COMFORT INDEX is a representation of the ‘comfort’ in a space. Renson uses several sensors to determine a sign of comfort. The Renson Comfort Index is a guide value based on a scientific analysis of factors affecting indoor comfort, such as CO2, temperature, relative humidity, VOCs, noise, and lux.

How does Sense for Home work?

A large LED ring and icons on the device itself provide a simple way to show the indoor air quality and when action needs to be taken:  


Air quality and/or comfort = good. No action is required.  


The air quality and/or comfort = average. Please note.  


Air quality and/or comfort = poor. Take action and ventilate the room.  

Download the manual of Sense here 

In addition, you can set this visual LED feedback according to choice: based on CO2, Renson Comfort Index, or selection of sensors. 

Consult and monitor your indoor air quality via the Sense mobile application

The handy Sense app gives you a clear overview of your indoor air quality. You can also easily get access to your live data from a distance.  

  • Check out historical data up to one week back  
  • Get insight into your indoor air quality via live data  
  • Configure your Sense device easily and quickly  
  • Personalise your device and decide how you want to set your LED feedback

Download the Sense app from the AppStore or Google Play Store.

Simply install the mobile application on your smartphone and consult your data. 

Technical specifications

Type CO2 sensor: NDIR CO2 Sensor 

Meetbereik: 400-5000 ppm 

Kalibratiemethode: Zelf-kalibrerend (ABC logic) 

Installatie: Staand of muurmontage 

Voeding: Netvoeding (kabel + adaptor) 

Dataregistratie: Datalogging is mogelijk via mobiele applicatie

Automatische software updates 

Netwerkspecificaties: compatibel met WPA, WPA/WPA2, WPA2, WPA2 Enterprise (in beperkte mate ondersteund). 

App vereisten: 35 Mb Android / 45 Mb iOS