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Sense For Business


The Sense monitors the CO2 content in the indoor air of the room but also monitors humidity, noise, temperature, lux and volatile organic compounds (VOC) such as odours. The device visually shows when the air quality is poor and when action needs to be taken. Blue indicates good indoor air quality, orange shows poor quality, and red means unhealthy indoor air.

The price of this device includes VAT and € 0.05 of Recupel contribution.

Gain insight into the quality of your indoor air.

Sense for business

To measure is to know. Optimise your air and maximise the productivity of your employees. With Sense, you can guarantee a safe reintegration in the workplace, while having a reliable measuring instrument that can monitor and detect bad indoor air.

With the Sense solution for companies, you can take care of the health, safety, and productivity of your employees transparently. 

Sense for schools

Make air quality a priority. Did you know that air in poorly ventilated rooms gives free rein to the spread of viruses, allergies, but also the annual flu? Also, cognitive performance deteriorates significantly with poor indoor air quality.

With the Sense solution for schools, you keep classrooms safe and healthy for students and teachers alike. 

Why buy a Sense for Professionals?


Improve the health, productivity and comfort in your business, or school.


Remotely optimise indoor air quality and reduce energy consumption by taking appropriate action.


With user-friendly tools, a tailor-made solution can be realised.

Measure the invisible

Sense includes six smart and advanced sensors that monitor indoor air quality for you. The sensors continuously measure the most important factors that influence your health, comfort, and productivity.

Relative Humidity

Comfort Index: unique Renson calculation

The RENSON COMFORT INDEX is a representation of the ‘comfort’ in a space. Renson uses several sensors to determine a sign of comfort. The Renson Comfort Index is a guide value based on a scientific analysis of factors affecting indoor comfort, such as CO2, temperature, relative humidity, VOCs, noise, and lux.

How does Sense for Professionals work?

A large LED ring and icons on the device itself provide a simple way to show the indoor air quality and when action needs to be taken:  


Air quality and/or comfort = good. No action is required.  


The air quality and/or comfort = average. Please note.  


Air quality and/or comfort = poor. Take action and ventilate the room. 

Download the manual of Sense here 

In addition, you can set this visual LED feedback according to choice: based on CO2, Renson Comfort Index, or selection of sensors. 

Easy installation with Renson Link: a user-friendly desktop application

New !

Renson Link is a Windows desktop application that allows a fast installation of several Renson Sense devices in a professional Wi-Fi network. Bulk configuration is also possible.

Go to Renson Link
Download Renson Link manual

Renson Dashboard: the smart way to monitor your indoor air quality

The Renson Dashboard provides a clear overview of all historical data of your devices in a quick and user-friendly way. Export your data with desired time interval up to one year back and remotely monitor your rooms and buildings in one central place.

Go to the Renson Dashboard.   

Download the Renson Dashboard manual here:

Share your results via the mobile application

As a facility manager, prevention advisor, and/or director, you can share live data with your employees via the Sense app. Via the mobile application, your employees can transparently monitor the air quality. In addition, they can also consult the history up to one week back.

Download the Sense app from the AppStore or the Google Play Store. Simply install the mobile application on your smartphone and create a Renson account. 

Technical specifications

Type of CO2 sensor: NDIR CO2 Sensor

Measuring range: 400-5000 ppm

Calibration method: Self-calibrating (ABC logic)  

Installation: Standing or wall mounted  

Power supply: Mains power (cable + adaptor)  

Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n @2.4 ghz (5ghz not compatible) 

Data logging: Data logging is possible via mobile application & Renson Dashboard

Automatic software updates

Network specifications: Compatible with WPA, WPA/WPA2, WPA2 Enterprise (limited support).

Check if your network is ready for Sense?  

App requirements: 35 Mb Android / 45 Mb iOS  

Renson Dashboard supporting browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge (Chromium), Apple Safari (MacOS).

Renson Link system requirements: Windows 10 Client (as of version: 1607) / 350 Mb / Minimum RAM memory: 8Gb / Platform x64, x86, Arm64

API solution: Integrate data into your existing system

With our 3rd party cloud API integration, Sense for Professionals can be easily built into your building management system. This integration allows companies to store all data from their sensors for professional use. For more info contact us via