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Senso GO measures indoor air quality by checking CO2, relative moisture & temperature. The related app shows you the quality of the air indoor. The compact design and the rechargeable lithium battery makes Sense GO the perfect monitor to take with you and go everywhere.

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Why buy a Sense GO for your home?


Measure the CO2, temperature and humidity levels and live healthier in your house​


Take this device with you! The rechargeable battery allows you to monitor your air quality without the need of a power outlet


Designed for optimal usability. Easy to install and the intuitive display shows the current CO2-levels​

Measure the invisible

The CO2, humidity and temperature sensors of the Sense GO present a general idea of the indoor air quality. If you’re looking for an in depth indoor air quality monitor with additional specific sensors like VOC, noise and lux, you need the Sense.

Relative Humidity

How does Sense GO work?

A large LED ring and icons on the device itself provide a simple way to show the indoor air quality and when action needs to be taken:  


Air quality and/or comfort = good. No action is required.  


The air quality and/or comfort = average. Please note.  


Air quality and/or comfort = poor. Take action and ventilate the room.  

Download the manual of Sense GO

Consult and monitor your indoor air quality via the Sense GO mobile application

The Sense GO app is a basic application that gives you an overview of the indoor air quality based on CO2, humidity and temperature measurements.

  • easy configuration
  • get insight into your indoor air quality via live data  
  • insight in historical data
  • remote access to your live data

Download the Sense GO app from AppStore or Google Play Store.

Simply install the mobile application on your smartphone and consult your data


Sense GoSense

Relatieve vochtigheid
Vluchtige organische stoffen-

AppBasis appUitgebreide app
  • Uitleg sensoren
  • Comfort index
  • Tips voor een beter binnenklimaat
ConfiguratieVia appVia app of Renson link
GrenswaardesInstelbaar via knoppen per toestelInstelbaar via instellingen in app of via Renson link
DataloggingLokaal beheren en exporteren uit appCentraal beheren en exporteren via Renson dashboard
Data altijd en overal beschikbaar via de cloud
DisplayContinue weergave van gemeten waardes via displaySymboolweergave van sensoren die slecht scoren
VoedingOplaadbare lithiumbatterij
(adapter + micro-USB kabel inbegrepen)
Adapter + USB-C kabel
Oplaadbare batterij-
Afmetingen90 x 90 x 26 mm100 x 100 x 29 mm